Creative Box Club is the online sister company to poponin Ltd.

poponin is our bricks and mortar arts and crafts venue which we have been running for the last 5 years  (poponin).  

When you enter poponin you step into a space that is filled with a sense of fun.  You are inspired to make something that is totally unique to you.  When you leave you do so feeling empowered, happy and relaxed.

Our ethos goes a little bit like this, if anyone on the team tries something new and likes it, we bring it into poponin for everyone else to have a go.  Jess, the Founder, is the worst culprit for this.  She invests a staggering amount of her time to find suitable equipment and constantly learns new skills, to pass along to her customers.   In a nutshell that means if you are crazy about arts & craft, like being creative, happy to try new things and using your imagination you are virtually guaranteed to find something you will enjoy at poponin.

The best way to think of poponin is as a launch pad to being creative, whether that’s via regular weekly sessions,  a one off creative club or attending a specific event.

We recently realised not everyone was able to come along to poponin, locally and definitely nationwide, so Jess started looking at ways to share what we do here, hence starting the Creative Box Club.

We hope to make this part of our business as enjoyable and rewarding to customers as poponin is to our visitors.  We hope from the moment you open your box to the moment you close the lid you have enjoyed being creative.

Best wishes

Jess & the team at poponin & the Creative Box Club xx



01273 833393


94 High Street Hurstpierpoint BN6 9PX